By Alan Murray and David Meyer
February 16, 2018

Good morning.

It’s Friday, so a bit of feedback. One of my favorite CEO Daily readers, who has spent some serious time on the issue, cautions me against going “overboard on the corporation-as-savior-and-enlightened-citizen theme.” He writes:

“Having worked on Wall Street for a long time and served on four big corporate boards, I’m really skeptical that most companies will live up to your admirable aspirations. Some will, but most won’t. When the going gets tough, when markets aren’t good, taxes despicably low, etc., you’ll be very disappointed at corporate behavior. In the end governments must step up to define the public interest and create the framework for it, and it’s a dangerous illusion to think corporations can remotely substitute for our elected officials.

He adds: “You are placing a lot of weight on pressure from millennials. We, of the sixties, were idealistic too, no?”

I consider myself duly warned…but also plan to keep encouraging the trend. If I lack cynicism about business’s ability to address social problems, it’s partly because I have no such lack when it comes to government.

Separately, yesterday’s post about the 100 Best Companies to Work For failed to mention Andrew Nusca’s fascinating piece about No. 84 on that list—Activision Blizzard—where arriving to work each day is like stepping into a video game and one of the most coveted jobs is called “Loremaster.” You can read it here.

More news below. And apologies yesterday for saying Salesforce contributes 1% of earnings to charity. It’s actually 1% of equity.

Alan Murray


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