By Alan Murray and Geoffrey Smith
December 20, 2017

Good morning.

At Fortune each year, we spend a lot of time on our rigorous listings, which rank companies by size (Fortune 500, Global 500), reputation (World’s Most Admired), growth (Fastest Growing), worker satisfaction (100 Best Companies to Work For), commitment to society (Change the World), commitment to the future (Future 50) and overall performance (Businessperson of the Year.) This morning, we publish our year-end Blue Ribbon list, which highlights 32 companies that appear on at least four of the eight lists above.

There were four companies that made six of the eight lists in 2017. Drumroll, please:






And there were another five companies that made five of the eight lists:


Alphabet (Google)

American Express


JP Morgan Chase


You can see the other 23 Fortune Blue Ribbon companies here. We aren’t saying these companies are perfect. But they had to do something right to get to the top of so many of our diverse rankings.

More news below, including the passage through the Senate of the tax bill by a 51-48 party-line vote.

Also this morning, we are publishing an investigation into one multi-billion-dollar abuse of the tax system that won’t be changed by the bill – the syndication of land conservation easements. You can read it here.

News below.

Alan Murray


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